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Welcome to ICBB VI

STIE Perbanas, Surabaya, Indonesia, Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi (STIE) - AUB Surakarta Indonesia, would like to cordially invite you to join The 6th International Conference on Business and Banking (ICBB 2018) which will be held on July 28, 2021, at The Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi (STIE) - AUB Surakarta Indonesia, with its aim to provide a forum for academicians as well as professionals from all over the world to present their research results and best practices in Business Management, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, and Banking. ICBB VI was supposed to be held on 23 and 24 July 2020, but because of the covid-19 pandemic that hit the world the implementation had to be postponed for the safety and comfort of the participants.

The event will also provide a good opportunity for higher education institutions from ASEAN and non-ASEAN countries alike to seek and strengthen international connectivity and network, among themselves and/or with business professionals, through exchanging ideas, faculty, and students, sharing curriculum, degree and/or non-degree programs, and many more, so that our students will be very well-equipped to meet the evolving global market needs and, therefore, achieve a return in the global marketplace on their education investment after graduation.The 6th International Conference on Business and Banking (ICBB) VI is supporting by outstanding businesses and banking associations from the Indonesian Bankers Association, Perbanas Jawa Timur, Ikatan Sarjana Ekonomi Indonesia (ISEI). It is also supported by STIE Perbanas and STIE AUB Surakarta partner universities from many countries. This 6th ICBB is a continuation of the previous conferences conducted by STIE Perbanas, Surabaya. The 1st ICBB, , together with Corporate Social Responsibility University Network Conference, was held in 2010 in Surabaya.

The 2nd ICBB, together with Corporate Social Responsibility University Network Conference, was held in 2012, in Denpasar, Bali, supported by Indonesian Banker Association/Ikatan Bankir Indonesia (IBI), an association in banking industry, and academicians from several universities such as Edith Cowan University, Australia, CSR-UN University Sains Malaysia, and Universitas Warmadewa Denpasar. The 3rd International Conference on Business and Banking was held in 2014 in Pattaya, Thailand supported by Spripatum University Chonbury Campus.

The 4th International Conference on Business and Banking was held in 2016 in Mataram, Indonesia supported by IAIN Mataram.
The 5th International Conference on Business and Banking was held in 2016 in Bali, Indonesia supported by Universitas Pendidikan Nasional (UNDIKNAS) Denpasar Bali.
We are looking forward to seeing you on July 28, 2021

Keynote Speakers

The Keynote Speaker at the international conference on business and banking (ICBB) VI is as follows :

Universiti Putra Malaysia

Wan Azman Saini Wan Ngah, Ph.D

Associate Professor

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

Dr. Evan Lau Poh Hock

Associate Professor

Conference Theme

“Business Survival in the Era Disruption”


Virtual conference will be held by online using zoom media

international conference

10.30 am on Wednesday July 28th, 2021


- The Due Date for:

- Full Paper Submission: June 18th 2021
- Announcement of Acceptance: June 30th 2021
- Early bird: July 8th 2021
- Registration deadline: July 22th 2021

*Please note the important date above


Now until July 22, 2021 (for participants) Upon paper submission (for presenters)

Download international conference template article, click here

Publication Opportunities


Indexed supporting journals of ICBB VI published by renowned publishers will provide with the opportunity to publish full papers following the peer review process. Authors are encouraged to read scope and choose the best fitting journal.


International Journal of Economics & Management

is an international scholarly journal devoted in publishing high-quality papers using multidisciplinary approaches with a strong emphasis on business, economics and finance. It is a triannual journal published in April, August and December.

Read more
Jurnal Ekonomi Malaysia (JEM)

Jurnal Ekonomi Malaysia (JEM) is a Scopus indexed peer reviewed journal published by UKM Press (Penerbit UKM), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. The journal publishes original research articles as well as short notes, comments and book reviews on all aspects of economics, particularly those pertaining to the developing economies.

Read more
Internatioanl Journal Of Business and Society

international scholarly journal devoted in publishing high-quality papers using multidisciplinary approaches with a strong emphasis on business, economics and finance. It is a triannual journal published in April, August and December and all articles submitted are in English. Focus on the impact of ever-changing world towards the society.

Read more

*Only selected papers will be recommended to be published on the Q3 Scopus Indexed Journal. The final decision will be based on the editorial decision of each journal after peer review process.
*Publishing process on Scopus Indexed Journal approximately one year after ICBB VI 2021


International Research Journal Of Business Studies (IRJBS)

The journal focuses on economics and management issues. The main subjects for economics cover national macroeconomic issues, international economic issues, interactions of national and regional economies, microeconomics and macroeconomics policies.

Read more
Journal of Economics, Business & Accountancy VENTURA

The journal of Economics, Business, and Accountancy, Ventura (JEBAV) one of the leading journals in Economics,Business and Accountancy. This journal is published by The Research and Community Services at STIE Perbanas Surabaya

Read more
Jurnal Akuntansi dan Bisnis (JAB)

Jurnal Akuntansi dan Bisnis (JAB)is published by Accounting Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia. Published two times a year, February and August, JAB is a media of communication and reply forum for scientific works especially concerning the field of the business and accounting.

Read more
The Indonesian Accounting Review (TIAR)

The Indonesian Accounting Review serves as the journal that is devoted exclusively to accounting research. Its primary objective is to contribute to the expansion of knowledge related to the theory and practice of accounting with the perspective both nationally and globally, by facilitating the production and dissemination of academic research throughout the world.

Read more
Jurnal Dinamika Akuntansi dan Bisnis (JDAB)

Jurnal Dinamika Akuntansi dan Bisnis (JDAB) is a biannual peer-reviewed journal published by Accounting Department, Universitas Syiah Kuala, Indonesia. JDAB was first published in March 2014 and made accessible online commencing March 2016.

Read more


Jurnal Manajemen dan Bisnis (MABIS)

The editorial board invites authors and experts to publish and share their ideas through scientific and empirical research in the field of Management and Business. The major objective of the publication is to improve theories, concepts, and practices in the field of management and business. The dissemination of research will enable young researchers, and practitioners to present and share their scientific empirical findings.

Read more
Jurnal Riset Akuntansi dan Perpajakan

JRAP (Journal of Accounting and Taxation Research) was published by the Master of Accounting Program at the Postgraduate School of the Pancasila University. JRAP (Accounting Research and Taxation Journal) receives scientific articles from empirical research and conceptual discussion articles for accounting and taxation. JRAP (Accounting Research Journal and Taxation) was published starting in 2014 for Volume 1 No 1. Issuance of Volume 1 No 1 to Volume 5 No. 1 and 2 of 2018.

Read more
Journal of Business and Banking (JBB)

The Journal of Business and Banking (JBB) has been published since 2011 under the management of PPPM (Center for Research and Community Services) Sekolah Tingi Ilmu Ekonomi Perbanas Surabaya. Articles that are accepted should be based on the results of research or the review of research articles for all topics, related to the fields of business and banking. The Journal of Business and Banking (JBB) collaboration with ISEI Cab. Surabaya Koord. JATIM.

Read more
Journal Media Trend

"MEDIATREND", the periodical Journal of economic studies and development studies. Journal "MEDIATREND" published two (2) times a year in March and October and can be accessed online.This journal encompasses original research articles, review articles, and short communications, including: Development Planning, Regional Economics, Public Economics, Moneter, Rural Development And Agricultural, Fiscal, Shari'ah Economics, Public Policies, Institutional Economics, Industrial Economics, ESDM & ESDA, International Economics..

Read more




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  • until July 22, 2021


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