6th ICBB

The 6th International Conference on
Business and Banking (ICBB V)
-Virtual Conference

Indonesia, July 28 2021

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Foundation— University Hayam Wuruk Perbanas (formerly STIE Perbanas Surabaya) the best Business and Banking College in Indonesia for 2018 and 2019 has got an honor and privilege to co-host/ co-organize The 6th International Conference on Business and Banking (ICBB) VI together with STIE AUB Surakarta and STIE Semarang on July 28, 2021 with the theme of “Business Survival in the Era of Disruption.”

ICBB VI was supposed to be held on 23 and 24 July 2020, but because of the covid-19 pandemic that hit the world the implementation had to be postponed for the safety and comfort of the participants.

The ICBB VI Conference is a continuation of the previous conference conducted by STIE Perbanas Surabaya in Bali in 2018. This conference will be an excellence platform for the interaction between faculty members, educators, bankers/ banking experts, students, as well as professionals from all over the world to present their research results and best practices. We welcome papers on all topics related to Business Management, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, and Banking.

The conference also provides an opportunity for higher education institutions from ASEAN and non-ASEAN countries to seek and strengthen international connectivity and network through exchanging ideas with business practitioners, sharing curriculum as well as degree and non-degree programs, for the benefit of their faculties and students.

The 6th International Conference on Business and Banking is held by virtual conference with the support by University Hayam Wuruk Perbanas, Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi (STIE) Adi Unggul Bhirawa (AUB) Surakarta, STIE Semarang, and Ikatan Sarjana Ekonomi Indonesia (ISEI) Cabang Surabaya Koordinator Jawa Timur.

This proceeding category following:

2.Human Resource Management
3.Organization Management
4.Operation Management
5.Logistic and Supply Chain Management
6.Business Information Management
7.Strategic Management
9.Finance and Banking
10.Corporate Social Responsibilities
11.Business Economics
12.Islamic Economics and Sharia Banking

Date: 28 July, 2021

Venue: Virtual Conference held by online using zoom media and hosted by University Hayam Wuruk Perbanas and Co-Host by STIE AUB Surakarta dan STIE Semarang


“Business Survival in the Era of Disruption”

Conference Program :